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I’m still finding out what this blog is for. My intention is to blog original music and keep records of my DJing gigs. However, strife at the the Fly is hampering my DJing exploits and I keep accidentally writing music for We’ll Write. Which is cool, obviously, but the idea of Tincanphone is to record more basic, noisy things, mostly for my own amusement.

In the meantime, I’m going to blog about music I’m listening to, because I enjoy that sort of thing, and I’m doing fuck all else.

Today, I have been seduced by new hipster NME-cool-list-fodder Foals. Let’s be honest, here. If you see the song title Tron (Is a Great Film) of course you’re going to want to check it, regardless of your wariness for anything bearing the NME Stamp Of Utter Cuntwittery. Fortunately, it’s as good as its title. Kinetic, slightly clever guitar-and-keys pop is so dangerously fashionable right now, and I’m sure there’s a wanky “post-” genre tag on it, but I’m getting too old to let preconceptions stand in the way of my enjoyment of quality tunes.

Likewise, MGMT are so overblogged already I wonder if my even mentioning them is redundant. However, Electric Feel is some funky shit, and almost certainly 2008’s D.A.N.C.E. Check it.

Finally, Subtle are a genuine phenomenon and one band I’d recommend to every living soul (except for the Tom). Unlikely Rock Shock is the first track to emerge from the forthcoming Exiting ARM, and it makes every inch of my brain very happy.

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Totally bonkers. And brilliant.

Linkspost One

The Conet Project – recordings of numbers stations.
The 4am 9: Poptometry
Justice Fabriclive mix

And finally, Mute have put up the promo clip for A&E by Goldfrapp. I love it, and wanted to post it before, but they’ve been overzealous about pulling it until they’ve got their “official” post up.

We Are All Pan’s People.

Essential listening: We Are All Pan’s People by The Focus Group.

Sort of a mad cocophony of psychedelic nostalgia, the sound of homegrown BBC sci-fi and fantasy scores filtered through someone elses memories and dreams. The sounds and melodies are fleeting, but gnaw at the ears and brain long since they’ve passed, demanded to be heard again. Definitely one for fans of the Radiophonic Workshop, The Wicker Man and anything issued on Trunk Records.

Farewell 2007.

As 2007 is dragged off, bloated and howling like William Shatner, I have compiled a list of my 21 favourite albums of the year, in the fine tradition of bloggers everywhere. Continue reading