World 1-1.

(Originally posted on my personal blog, 27/06/07)

Koji Kondo deserves recognition as a legendary electronic composer, up there with Brian Eno and Delia Derbyshire. His music is instantly recognisable to anyone born in the late seventies/early eighties. Certainly everyone recognises this piece of music?

What I love about Super Mario Bros is it’s like some kind of great unifier for people of my generation. Sing that opening bar and you’ll surely set someone else off. It will stick in peoples heads all day. And everyone on the internet and their mums knows it. It has an instant appeal. This might be why pretty much every music geek on Youtube seems to have their own interpretation. They are all awesome.

Zack Kim has two guitars.
On an 11-string bass.
Super Mario Drummer.
Underground theme, and Tetris, with a bloody Tesla coil.
Super Mario Bros medley by bassoon quartet.
Beatboxing flautist for the win.

And seriously, this song is the great unifier. You know how Wyld Stallyns music was to usher in an era of global harmony? I think Koji Kondo has that power.

Here is a handy link for squillions of mp3s from video games.


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