Five years ago, I answered an ad in the NME and ended up recording some demos with a young woman named Lucy Castro. She had some songs written and a couple of demos, but was looking for a different approach and some new ideas. We worked on a few things, recorded a bit, and eventually went our separate ways. I’m not sure what she’s doing now. She might be in coldharbourstores. It sounds like Lucy, but it’s hard to tell from years not seeing her if that’s her in the photo.

Anyway, here’s one of her songs that we worked on. It’s a copy of a copy, so poor quality (and my technical skills anyway were then even worse than they are now), and the arrangement is incredibly fussy; there’s far too much going on in the background, totally distracting from the vocals. But there are some good ideas there, so I like to find these things to kickstart new ideas in the future.

Let Me Loose (Tincanphone 2003) – Lucy Castro

From about the same period, two instrumental pieces. I can date the first back to September 2003, but I can’t recall writing it for the life of me. The second I worked on around January 2004. I’m pretty pleased with both of them. Both pieces predate We’ll Write by some months, and are the last things I wrote before teaming up with the Tom. I’m keen to recreate and revamp them, or at the very least cannibalise them for future use.

Untitled One

Untitled Two


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